Your 12-week solution to rebalance your gut microbiome so you can fast-track your journey to permanent ENERGY, BRAIN STAMINA, EASY DIGESTION, FAT LOSS, HORMONE BALANCE, and a STRONG BODY 
free of health problems!

Laura has distilled the most foundational & key elements to gut healing and mitochondria energy repair into one powerful 12-week experience specifically curated and delivered to help you unlock your body’s innate ability to heal, with a plan & protocol, 
custom-designed to your unique symptoms!

Here's what our clients get to experience:
  •  Enjoy dependable energy that lasts all day
  • ​​Sleep soundly and wake feeling rested
  • ​​Eliminate food intolerances and digest meals with ease
  • ​Feel good when you look in the mirror
  • Get out of 'survival' mode and start enjoying life again
  • Feel productive: work on your hobbies and career
  • Get off prescription medications and reduce doctor's visits
  • ​Spend more time with family and less time on your health

Restore Your Belly Health Group Program
Here's what's included with your enrollment:
  •  A Deep-Dive Into Your Health: Laura can adjust your protocol week-by-week as you check in with her on the group calls. 
  • ​Discounted Lab Testing For Program Members.  Order the following tests at a discounted rate: gut testing, organic acids (OAT), adrenal testing, food intolerance, mycotoxin/environmental toxin testing, and lyme testing. Order as many as you like while you are in the program. 
  • Discounts On All Supplements For Program Members. Specific practitioner-grade supplements support your gut restoring, energy boosting, hormone balancing, and body detoxing journey.
  • ​Informational videos, food guides, and more as part of your educational materials and delivered to you in an online learning portal.
  • Weekly group calls with Laura and your fellow program participants for coaching and support. 
  • 12 Weeks of Support through our weekly group coaching calls on Zoom. Calls are recorded for those who can't attend live. A form will be sent to you via email each week to submit questions prior to our calls so you are always supported. 

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Easy Gut Reset Includes:
Restore Your Gut Health Protocols - $1550

Repair Your Body With Food - $750

Reduce Your Toxic Exposure Guides - $550

Refocus Your Habits - $450

Bonus Protocols & Guides - $1200



Total Value $4500


A science-based program that includes proven protocols, guides, and so much more.
Easy Gut Reset contains 6 modules that will help you detoxify your belly, your environment, your mindset, and your food by providing you with supplement protocols, recipe guides, step-by-step instructions and a tracker to help you note your progress. 

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Restore Your Gut Health Protocols - $1550 Value

Gut rebalancing is the fastest path to vibrant health, because without a healthy gut... nothing else will work. Within this module, you’ll receive:
  •  Leaky Gut Supplement Protocol complete with the exact practitioner-grade supplements that support gut repair. Stop flushing your money down the toilet (😂) and learn about what you need - so you can cut out what isn’t necessary for your healing
  • Gut Foundation Guide covering the 5 essential steps you must know to heal your gut. These are the things you can’t skip on your health journey if you want to feel better long term
  • Gut Recipe Guide with a complete set of recipes (including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) that support the good bacteria in your gut, so you can repair and rebalance. This even includes family favorites - so you won’t have to cook more than one dinner (plus no feeling deprived from “healthy” food - everyone will enjoy it!)

Reduce Your Toxic Exposure Guides - $550 Value

Once your gut healing is underway, you’ll learn the science and actionable steps behind creating an environment for your body to balance and restore itself.
  • Guide to Detoxifying Your Home will teach you how to purge your home of the stuff that's hindering your progress
  • Guide to Safe Body & Skin Care Products will walk you through creating a healthy and less toxic body- and skincare routine
  • Stop wondering about what common household items like cookware, mattresses, cleaning supplies, etc are safe and get some answers to these questions through the guides

And These Bonuses

Repair Your Body With Food - $750 Value

How excited are you to finally stop feeling like a burden with “special” food requests? It’s all about to become possible. This includes:
  • Food Swap Guide will help you clean out your pantry and fridge. It covers each category of food, so no more guessing what's healthy and what's not
  • Anti-Inflammation Recipe Guide covers family-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (no more recovery days!)
  • Avoiding Inflammatory Food Guide will help you understand exactly what food to eat and how to fuel your body so you can live at your most optimum level of health (hint: gluten isn't the only inflammatory food out there!)
  • ​Smoothie Guide for crafting smoothies that don't leave you wanting more in an hour
  • ​​Hidden Sugar Guide will have you shocked at the sneaky ways sugar is named (it has over 50 names!). Demystify food labels with this guide, so sugar can't sabotage you anymore

Refocus Your Habits + 7-Day Mindset Makeover - $450 Value

Getting healthy is a mental game first. When you believe vibrant health is possible, self-criticism and self-sabotage stops so you can implement this program with ease. 
  • ​​Set goals that are attainable: daily, weekly and monthly, so you can win back your life
  • Shift away from the old habits that are holding you back from having vibrant health
  • Learn how to celebrate your wins and reward yourself (without resorting to food!)
  • Practice daily gratitude and experience an upleveling in your health, productivity, and relationships
If you join Easy Gut Reset today, you'll qualify for a Jumpstart Gut-Health Success Call so you can begin your journey on the right path. 

Plus, you’ll also receive the following protocols and guides as a special bonus:
  • Candida Supplement Protocol - learn what supplements can help your body rid itself of candida for good
  • Weight Loss Supplement Protocol - discover which supplements best support your weight loss journey
  • ​Family Supplement Guide - while your body begins healing itself, loop your family in and help get your kids’ gut health get on the right track
  • ​Immunity Checklist - understand the why, how, and what behind building a strong immune system
  • Exclusive Practitioner-Grade Supplement Discounts - receive access to special discounts on practitioner-grade supplements your body needs to heal
  • 100% Cashback Credit for Future Lab Work & Consultations - when you join within the next 7 days apply the full $497 price toward future work

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